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Drake Fans Are So Supportive

To be Drake,must be amazing.This Canadian man can do no wrong in the eyes of the world's most faithful fans. No matter what rumors surface, or concerts he cancels,

Do You Know Kari Faux?

Do you know who Kari Faux is? If your answer to this question is no ... you're lame, and you need to get on board. She was recommended to

False Alarm

As we know, The Weeknd is going to be releasing his album Starboy soon. So far he's let us see the album cover (on which he reveals his new haircut),

We Found Love

Some songs just have the power to make you smile and start dancing as soon as the beat drops. They can take you from whatever stress you're in at

The Divine Feminine

There's not a lot of white rappers that make it into my shuffle but Mac Miller gets a good chunk of my music library's memory, simply because he's dope as

Top Dawg Rashad

Isaiah Rashad is so west coast that he's not even west coast.Seriously. The 25 year old is a native to Chattanooga, Tennessee, but is signed to the hottest label

The Greatest

We can all appreciate an upbeat, feel good anthem. Sometimes it's all we need to feel a little better about ourselves or whatever situation we currently find ourselves in.
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