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Braddy Media is a social media management and digital advertising agency that primarily aids clients in ad delivery, fan growth, viral success and monetization of their fan base.


Our proprietary software, formula and methods have been proven to provide our clients with amazing results that are second to none.  Up and coming comedians, actors, musicians, dancers, models, public figures and more, all make up the Braddy Media roster of satisfied partners. With over 150 pages in the network, you’d be surprised with who’s under the Braddy umbrella.


Due to a very high demand to “Go Viral” in this new digital age, Braddy Media has found the solution to getting your product, brand music or message out to the masses. Our goal is to help you get exposure on social media. Primarily focusing on Facebook and branching out to Instagram. Braddy Media has the network, ties and connection to yield REAL RESULTS and bring you closer to the possibility of your content going viral.

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