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Kenya Flowers
“Braddy completely took his talent to a whole nother level which his skills is now manifesting right before our eyes!! Keep up the good work, and don’t ever look back to whom GOD let you use as your footstool. People gonna always have something to say!! I pick & choose what I wanna view & don’t take this internet crap to heart nor seriously. I think people think way to hard & need to stop taking things so personal. If you do like it then pass on by Geesh! So continue to Be Blessed & nothing Less~~”
Kat Mitchell
“Either love ya or hate ya eh?���
I figure as long as someone is doing what they love and putting themselves out there for critique then someone would have to be downright miserable to hate on that. Life is about setting goals, meeting those goals and making new ones-skies the limit!”
Machelle Taylor
“I so love this page and he helps pple too…In the world with money,cars, and the greatest laugh you’ll ever get from some his posts…
Thanks for caring”
Jessie L Miller Green
“I think this guy is great and knows what he is talking about I will listen to him any time anywhere”


Contrary to popular belief, branding isn’t easy. It takes an enormous amount of creativity to conceptualize a brand. After the concept is created, then an advertising and marketing strategy must be formulated that is cohesive to the vision of the brand.

We specialize in not only creating brands but also building and expanding on them.

Braddy Media


Are you a content creator looking for exposure for your video? Or maybe you are with a company and wanting to promote your ad to a number of different audiences. Whatever your case I’m sure we have a plane to fit your budget.

Whether you are looking to get your content seen in Canada or California we deliver real growth and eyes on your video.  Click Here to get started.

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