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Special Couple

They Look Like Any Other Couple, But Their Story Of True Love Will Make You Cry. Each and every day, young couples meet each other by chance or by circumstance,

Secret Proposal

This Guy Proposed To His Girlfriend 148 Times, And She Missed EVERY One. It's difficult enough to plan one proposal: If you're planning 150 proposals the pressure is way, way

Secret Friend

CCTV Cameras Revealed Why Her Dog Loved Hanging Out In The Garage. Thing about dogs is, well, they're totally awesome. For dog people, encountering a pup is akin to being

Couple Transformations

Incredible Couple Transformations You never know when love is going to strike. There are countless romantic and adorable stories of people meeting and falling in love. It may be that

Itty Bitty

Firefighters Made A Tiny Oxygen Mask For FOUR Adorable Reasons. Firefighters are real life heroes who bravely go into a dangerous situations to save the lives of others. These brave

Like Me

Girl With Prosthetic Leg Is Given A Doll Exactly Like Her. Watch Her Reaction… Emma of Cypress, Texas, cried tears of joy when she got her very own American Girl

Seans Story

He Left A Massive Tip For Waitress, The Reason Why Sent Shivers Down My Spine… Going through a traumatic event as a child is something that sticks with you your

Her Brother

Her Brother Died In An Accident, 10 Years Later She Learns The Truth… When Monique Salinas turned 15 years old, she knew she was in for the party of a

How We Met

The Way We Met’ Instragram Proves There’s Someone Out There For You. One of the best things about meeting a couple that's deeply in love is finding out how it

70 Years

They Recreated Their Wedding After 70 Years… And Proved True Love Does Exist. On November 24, 1945, Cao Yuehua and Wang Deyi were married at Northern Hot Springs Park in
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