White After Labor Day?

The holiday that traditionally marks the end of the summer is Labor Day. Becoming federally official in 1894, Labor Day also became a landmark in the fashion world. We’ve all heard it: Don’t wear white after Labor Day. Why? White is seen as a “summer” color, and as I previously mentioned, Labor Day is the “end of Summer”. Cool. Got it. Next question: When will we end this outdated fashion rule? Personally, I’ve gotten Memorial Day and Labor Day mixed up my whole life so I obviously never followed suit. In the past I’ve slayed Thanksgiving dinner with a white sweater, and killed Christmas with a pearl pleated skirt. White is such a beautifully neutral color, and is stunning on everyone’s skin year round. Why do we limit ourselves to tradition in fashion? My motto has always been: If it looks good, wear it. With this mantra in mind, the weekend after Labor Day I’ll be wearing a mainly white ensemble with very much confidence. ¬†Labor Day is a hundred years older than me, I think it’s okay for me (and you, too) to exclude myself from this silly rule.