Where TF is Dom K?

Being from the West Coast means West Coast musicians get a special place in my heart. It’s just natural. One rapper that has a huge chunk of this little heart of mine is Dope Ass Dom himself, Dom Kennedy. This man lives up to the name; he’s cool as hell and has the dopest flow. His music is typically received best in the hot summer months, when one just wants to smoke weed, and go to the beach. This doesn’t mean that you can’t rock with him in the fall though, and being that I didn’t hear a thing from him this summer, I began wondering … just where the fuck is Dom Kennedy? This question sparked an investigation and I hit his Twitter page where I discovered that I’d missed out on a few updates of his. The most recent is Part 2 of one of my favorites from him, Dominic. I LOVE Dominic, I turn it up every single time. Sequels and part-twos? Those are not my thing so naturally I was leery of listening to Dominic Part 2, especially after reading all the reply tweets to Dom. I saw several toilet emojis, and the word “trash” appeared more than once. I was hoping it was just people being mean, and decided to take a listen for myself. After my first listen I was sadly on the side of those tweeters. I thought maybe if I listened to part one, and then lead into part two it would be better, but that wasn’t the case. I don’t hate the song, don’t get me wrong. It has a nice sound. But compared to what we all know he can do … a little disappointing. 🙁 Take a listen on SoundCloud and decide for yourself!