We Found Love

Some songs just have the power to make you smile and start dancing as soon as the beat drops. They can take you from whatever stress you’re in at the moment, and wrap you inside of the music. It’s hard to conquer the art of creating this kind of masterpiece, but when it’s done, typically the feeling is timeless. This is what Rihanna and Calvin Harris managed to do five years ago with the upbeat classic We Found Love. The lyrics alone are magical. “We found love in a hopeless place”? I know there’s tons of people who can relate to that. I loved the song long before I saw the video, but the video really was the cherry on top. When you hear the song you think love, butterflies and cupcakes … But when you see the video,  you’re watching a raunchy love story. Like I said the song is five years old, and it still bangs. Watch the video below for your dose of nostalgia.