Top Dawg Rashad

Isaiah Rashad is so west coast that he’s not even west coast.Seriously. The 25 year old is a native to Chattanooga, Tennessee, but is signed to the hottest label of California, Top Dawg. Ent., or TDE. Everybody wants a piece of Kendrick Lamar, and ScHoolboy Q has never put out a disappointing project. If you ever want to contemplate your whole existence all over a melodic beat,  Ab-Soul is sort of the king of making you do so, but Jay Rock’s flow will trip you out something serious. This is a crew that is not to be underestimated. Three years ago, when Rashad was signed to the label, there was no real way to predict if he could fit in with the Top Dawg executive board. Today, a few days after the release of his second album with TDE, The Sun’s Tirade, I think he can hang with the Top Dawgs. Using features and samples sparingly, this 17 track album does a great job of displaying Mr. Rashad’s true talents.  I’ve only listened two times, but one track that stuck out was A Lot, because it turns you all the way up. He also features up and coming, newly West Coast rapper, Kari Faux on Bday which is also a mellow banger. Check Isaiah Rashad out, he won’t disappoint.