Tiimmy Tiimmy Turner, Now He Wishing For .. Not A Burner

Desiigner is the rapper we love to hate, and hate to love. Accused of stealing Future’s flow, he’s managed to make a name for himself with his very popular songs Panda and Tiimmy Turner. Sidney Royel Selby III has had a  good year. With Panda sitting pretty on Billboard’s Top 100 for weeks, and even grabbing the No. 1 spot at one point, he’s an accomplished 19 year old kid. Before we could accuse him of being a one hit wonder he hit us with an XXL freestyle turned successful song, Tiimmy Turner, where he’s wishing for a burner. Today Desiigner is probably wishing the exact opposite. He was arrested Thursday evening in possession of not only a gun, but an array of drugs and has been hit with numerous charges. To top this all off, he was in New York, a state that does not play about gun charges. Him and four others were handcuffed, and have yet to post bail. He’s so young, so I’m hoping this is will pan out for the artist. I’m sure he wishes he really was Future right about now.