The Greatest

We can all appreciate an upbeat, feel good anthem. Sometimes it’s all we need to feel a little better about ourselves or whatever situation we currently find ourselves in. Sia and Kendrick Lamar have delivered us one of those anthems with “The Greatest”. At  first listen I found myself smiling, singing along, and actually dancing. The melody is addictive. First listen. Second listen I sat down and digested the words. Sia, similiar to a superhero who must stay masked, sings about the power that we all have within.  Designed to uplift and honor the victims of the summer’s Orlando tragedy, the touching music video features dancer Maddie Ziegler. Maddie’s rainbow cheeks and sad eyes remind us that it can really hurt to just be ourselves. I feel like this song was right on time, and although the video doesn’t include Kendrick Lamar, his verse was perfect and meshed well with Sia. After a few listens you’ll feel like the greatest, and I promise you are.