Teachers Teach

Elementary school was probably the best, and most important time in my life. Elementary school is the foundation of your education, and I think I learned more relevant information during that time, than in high school. That might just be me. Reflecting on my time there I remember learning numerous mnemonic devices that I still use today, and teachers who were fun and caring. I don’t remember much what they were dressed like, but rather how they made me excited to expand my mind. I’m assuming most people had a similar experience. I’m also assuming that the ones who did not are the ones who are on Twitter attacking the morality and character of an elementary school female teacher. People are upset at the way she dresses, and I’m upset that they’re worried about it. Just looking through a few pictures that she has posted on social media, I’m not seeing a huge problem. In one particular photo she is showing off her Educator of The Month award, yet the focus is what she has on. The teacher is of course a full figured, black woman, and that’s why people are mad. She fills out her clothes. Big deal. The only problem I saw was there were never any kids in the photos, which might be a privacy issue. The point is people are focused on the wrong things. If you want to be upset with a teacher come at them for the curriculum, or their inattentiveness to your child’s problems. People don’t have anything else to worry about?