See Serena Slay

I don’t care what anybody says. Serena Williams is the most athletic person on this entire planet. Male, or female, black, or white, she’s the best. She’s been playing tennis since she was three years old, and has accomplished so many amazing things in that time. The 5’9 35 year old has won a million Grand Slam titles, and is even an Olympic gold medalist. She’s flawless. She’s also absolutely gorgeous, and fashionable. Ms. Williams was chosen for The Fader magazine cover for October and she seriously slayed every single shot I saw. In addition to being the best tennis player in the world, she is also very photogenic, the camera loves her. Seen in various sexy and sporty outfits, Serena posed for a very serene photo shoot. Her makeup and hair were done flawlessly, she looks like whipped cocoa butter, I swear! She was very open and honest in her interview for the cover. She said that her main goal is going to Africa and immersing herself in the culture. She’s a Renaissance woman in every sense of the word.