Last week South Carolina experienced a terrible tragedy when a Townville elementary school was attacked by an armed teenager. In this attack, two six year olds and a school teacher were shot by a fourteen year old male. Before this attack, that boy also shot and killed his father, and stole his truck to drive to the elementary school. Unfortunately, one of the six year olds, a young boy, did not survive his gun shot wounds. This kid’s name was Jacob, and he was cute as a button. It’s terribly sad that he woke up a week ago to go to school, and never got to return. I can only imagine what his parents, and family must feel like. This country needs serious gun control, we must protect our children. Today Jacob was laid to rest in the most cute, and respectful fashion, with a superhero funeral. Everybody came in some type of superhero attire to pay their respects. Superman and Batman even came to say their goodbyes.