Just Another Day

Today, all around America, for some odd reason, people are celebrating Columbus Day. In school we are taught that Christopher Columbus is the man that first happened upon this great land, and for that, we must pay him homage every year. We never learned that he never even came to North America, but did commit genocide of the indigenous people residing in the central and south American nations he “discovered”. Yet he still gets a federal holiday. I’m convinced America just loves racism more than anything. I will say that some places are not so terrible, and have done away with Columbus Day completely, replacing it with Indigenous People’s Day. This movement began in the 90s with cities in California, and South Dakota. Just this past week, Vermont’s governor officially hopped on board. I was lucky enough to have parents who knew the truth, and a few teachers who weren’t scared to share it with me growing up, but it’s horrible to think about kids who will believe the lies they’re taught. Native Americans were already here, hence the name Native, American.I hope that soon Columbus Day will just be a thing of the past,but until then, spread the real facts!