I Know Why the Trap Bird SIngs

Birds in the Trap Sing McKnight. Interesting album title for interesting artist, Travis Scott. According to the artist himself this piece of work is basically just depicting the life of a Missouri City rapper and his friends. Sometimes mistaken for fellow rapper A$AP Rocky, Travis wanted to make sure one thing didn’t get twisted: His trap is social. In an interview he did with Billboard he expressed that he’s not trying to paint the image of the typical drug “trap”, but one of young people working hard and doing what needs to be done to be successful.BITTSM dropped Friday. It’s NEXT Thursday and I’m still listening. Available to stream through Apple Music, this exclusive album is perfect for blasting through the city with your windows down this fall. Popular singles we heard before the actual release like pick up the phone and wonderful set expectations high for the rest of the album. After a thorough listen, I’m not disappointed. Scott, born Jacques Webster, chose his features very well. Whether it was Andre 3000 or Kid Cudi, Mr. Webster proved he can vibe on a track with damn near any artist for a musical masterpiece.