Hurricane Matthew Is Not Playing

Yesterday the internet was flooded with memes with the satellite image of Hurricane Matthew looking like a creepy ass smiling skull. It was funny, but not really because this guy is really not playing. Everywhere that Matthew hit suffered severe loss of not just property, but lives as well. More than two hundred people fell victim to the fatal hurricane in Haiti, and the expectation is for that number to multiply with each day, and each location the storm affects. Right now Matthew is threatening Florida, the Carolinas, and certain parts of Georgia. I have heard a few interviews featuring people who don’t plan on evacuating, and all I could do was shake my head. I don’t understand why anyone who is equipped with the resources to potentially save their life, would choose not to. The governor of Florida did not beat around the bush when urging residents to get the hell on. His message was clear: This storm will kill you. Be careful out there guys! And again, this is the link that will lead you to different ways to help those who affected by Hurricane Matthew: Hurricane Matthew Help