Hurricane Matthew Hits Haiti, Then Cuba

The small Caribbean nation Haiti was hit by Hurricane Matthew earlier today. The country was hit with Category 4 winds that got up to well over one hundred miles per hour. There is heavy rain, and flooding, and trees are falling everywhere. Many Haitians have already experienced serious property damage,and they are still at risk for further turmoil, especially the southern portion of the island. What makes all of this even worse is the fact that many of their resources have been compromised. Two major setback are the falling of the bridge that connects the southern part of the country to Port-au-Prince, and also several communication towers are having issues related to the weather. This is all terrible for the residents, specifically the ones who have either chosen not to evacuate, or simply don’t have anywhere to go. These types of storms are always so detrimental to places like Haiti, and Cuba, where the storm has just landed. Don’t just send prayers, send some real help. Here is a link that has a variety of avenues to help these people out!