How Do You Feel About 22 Savage?

Atlanta rapper 21 Savage has really blown up this year, and while I was hesitant to hop on the bandwagon … here I am. On the bandwagon. I love the guy. He does scare me a little bit, and I try not to support violent artists, but I can’t help myself. I like him. There. I said it. Now while I’m finally okay admitting that I’m a fan, it’s definitely nothing serious. This is most likely why I was so receptive to this new rapper on the scene, 22 Savage. When I first saw that name, I just knew it was a parody act, which I happen to typically love. His premiere video, “Jumpin”, starts off with a group of friends in a car listening to music. One guy asks if they’re listening to 21 Savage, and the reply to that question is “No, bitch, this is 22”. This leads into a fire ass music video for a song that I really liked. Because this 22 Savage character is also a comedian, many people were confused as to just how serious he was taking this music career. In a recent interview, all of these questions were answered. He’s not kidding. He’s taking music very seriously. He thinks he’s “way better” than 21 Savage, and wants everybody to know that it is what it is. Personally, I love the guy. Just like I do his doppelganger. He’s entertaining if nothing else. And for anyone worried about 22’s safety due to a possible 21 retaliation? Don’t. The 19 year old is currently fighting a murder charge.