How Could You Be So Heartless?

Okay so we all know that Kanye West has the reputation of being a complete asshole. This is considerably understandable; if I was Kanye West I’d probably have my head stuck up my ass too. The man is a genius, and that is typically what comes with the territory. Unfortunately for his fans, sometimes they are affected by this territory. Last night the “Fade” artist had a concert in New York City, and ended the show suddenly due to a “family emergency”. Witnesses say that someone rushed on stage to deliver some news, and Kanye made an announcement stating that the show had to be immediately ended, and he literally dropped the mic and walked off stage. Publicity stunt? That’s my first thought. I do some intense internet research to find out that his wife, She Who We Do Not Speak Of, was fooled by some clowns wearing police uniforms and robbed at gunpoint for $1 million in jewelry while in Paris for Fashion Week. Tragic … but did she die tho? Maybe I’m being insensitive but Kanye ticket’s ain’t cheap, or I would have been at a show already. Reports say that she’s alright, however. Hope the event goers receive a refund considering the profit the Wests will most likely make after this.