Halloweentown Is A Real Thing

Lately, even though I’m not even halfway through my twenties, I’ve been feeling extremely aged. All of the “Do you feel old yet?” posts and memes have really been touching close to home. Yes, I do feel old. Hearing that Halloweentown came out seventeen years ago, and realizing that I can remember the actual premiere date, and my excitement to watch, did not help these feelings in the least. What did make my whole day, and probably life, is discovering that Halloweentown is a real place, and they welcome tourists. Apparently, the town where the majority of the original movie was filmed, in Oregon, hosts a month long festival every year with replicas of items on set.  Yes. I said every year. Meaning this has been a thing for a while, and nobody bothered to let me know. As many times as I’ve exclaimed “I wish Halloweentown was a real place!”, you’d think someone would have shared the scoop. It’s alright though, I will plan my visit very soon. There’s games, and contests, and they even light the gigantic pumpkin in front of town hall at the start of the month. Classic.