Gucci Meets Vogue

There is only one person on my Snapchat timeline that gets the respect of me not sliding right through their story. That person is Gucci Mane Laflare, and for a few reasons. Fresh out of prison, and new to Snapchat, Gucci Mane provides entertainment for his fans that surpasses the music industry. The man is hilarious for one, and for two he’s stylish as hell. With his equally fashionable girlfriend, Keyshia Ka’Oir, sometimes filming, Gucci Mane’s stories are sure to keep your attention. Having been on house arrest for the past three months, he’s really vamped his wardrobe via online shopping. Designer this, designer that, diamonds dancing on this wrist, gold shining on that wrist! It’s so funny to watch him get all dressed up just to sit around the house, and lounge by the pool, however, that likely won’t be the story anymore. ¬†Just yesterday he was freed from house arrest and made his first trip as a free man to New York. From the story I could see that he was in some sort of meeting with Vogue Magazine, as well as Paper. Today, after a wild night at the strip club, he was meeting with more fashion magazines. This raises a lot of questions about what Gucci Mane could be planning next. Could his next venture be in the fashion industry?