Good Gracious, Taxes Bodacious

I was in second grade when Nelly dropped hip-hop classic Hot in Herre. I loved the song then, and I still love it today. That’s why we call it a classic. Today,and for the remainder of eternity, I, like many other fans will be streaming this song relentlessly to help Nelly with his fight against the IRS. The St. Louis native reportedly owes about $2.5 million in taxes, and to pay it off, according to calculations done by Spin Magazine, that means we need to stream Hot in Herre at LEAST 287,167,547 times. That’s two hundred eighty seven million, one hundred sixty seven thousand and five hundred and forty-seven times for those of you who skipped over that number. News of Nelly’s financial struggle sparked countless hilarious tweets declaring support for him. Screenshots of playlists designated to the single, are flooding Twitter right now. I myself have it on repeat on my tablet at home, and I’m not ashamed. Nelly is a legend, I wouldn’t be surprised to step out today and see crowds of band-aid covered cheeks¬†as a sign of solidarity.