Get Better Kid Cudi!

Kid Cudi has been singing and rapping to us for years about his battle with depression, and his use of marijuana and alcohol to cope. That’s the Kid Cudi we know, and love, Mr. Day n Nite, a lonely stoner. Unfortunately this is not just an act he puts on when he gets to a stage or studio. Depression is a real life condition, and the word is often overused, so we’re desensitized to it. We hear this man crying about how lonely he is, and all of the traumatic events that he’s gone through, but we just keep jamming along. I’m guilty of it too. Earlier today, he released a statement via Facebook that really broke my heart. Mr. Mescudi has finally decided to take control of his depression, and anxiety, and decided to check himself into rehab. Reading his post really touched me, because it made me realize that so many of us, myself included, will go through every day with such a weight on us, and won’t ever think about getting checked out. For some odd reason, society refuses to recognize mental illness, as a real illness. It really does hurt. Just because you can’t see an open wound, doesn’t mean that a person suffering from depression isn’t doing just that, suffering. I feel some type of way about this because I’m a real Kid Cudi fan, I mean I love every single album, and I also suffer from depression as well. Whether he’s rapping, or singing, he’s managed to bring me so much peace, and has helped me with my own mental health. It hurt me that he felt the need to apologize to us for having depression and anxiety. He shouldn’t have to. I hope that this rehabilitation facility can provide him with the help that he needs. I also encourage anybody else who is feeling depressed, or suicidal to understand that it does not have to be this way. Please reach out to someone.