False Alarm

As we know, The Weeknd is going to be releasing his album Starboy soon. So far he’s let us see the album cover (on which he reveals his new haircut), and dropped two singles, Starboy and False Alarm. When we saw his new hair, we kind of expected a new sound. I was actually hoping for it.  I think a lot of his music sounds the same, but False Alarm doesn’t really have another song of his that you can compare it to. Sure he’s singing about another girl who’s addicted to drugs and sex but the way he’s singing about her in this one is different. I’ve seen a few people describe the song as being dark, but I don’t get that vibe. I personally think the song is kind of fun. The chorus is really energetic and it makes me want to dance. That’s not typically the reaction one has to a song by Abel. Take a listen on Apple Music.