Drake Fans Are So Supportive

To be Drake,must be amazing.This Canadian man can do no wrong in the eyes of the world’s most faithful fans. No matter what rumors surface, or concerts he cancels, the people love him.  Earlier this summer, he stripped the fans of the opportunity to meet him by putting a halt on the purchase of VIP packages. His reasoning was understandable, but you can imagine people would still be pretty pissed. That wasn’t really the case. Generally, the idea of not wanting to be bombarded with other people’s energy every night, is a very relatable sentiment and Drake’s fan didn’t complain too much. Now he has canceled three whole concerts because of an ankle injury, and again, I’m not seeing my Twitter timeline flood with death threats to him. That is sadly something that is amazing to me these days. Because people are assholes. Not Drake fans though, I’ll tell you that. We’re all hoping he gets better, the world is missing out!