Dr. Love

Some people really don’t know when to give up. While persistence and perseverance are often admirable traits, sometimes you need to know when to throw in the towel. I wish somebody would tell this to “Dr.” Malachi Love. We were all laughing at the start of the year when we heard of the teenage kid posing as a doctor, and actually performing medical acts. We shouldn’t have been laughing then, and we really shouldn’t be doing so now. Malachi Love-Robinson is relentless and since his initial arrest things have only gone downhill for the 19 year old.  Having been arrested several times since February, his most recent infraction involves a Virginia luxury car dealership, fraud, and an elderly woman. Master of deception, Love-Robinson had almost fooled the car salesmen. They were under the impression that he was going to be purchasing a Jaguar for himself, and another vehicle for his “godmother”, the elderly lady that was accompanying him. While doing a simple background research on Google, Dr. Love’s true identity was revealed to the dealership staff. Love-Robinson was already out on bond, so you would think he’d want to lay low. This was the teen’s fourth arrest on a felony fraud charge this year.