Do You Know Kari Faux?

Do you know who Kari Faux is? If your answer to this question is no … you’re lame, and you need to get on board. She was recommended to me earlier this summer because of my love for really cool, and very unique music, and things in general. The first song I heard was No Small Talk, the remixed version featuring another favorite of mine, Childish Gambino. Instantly, I fell in love. It’s funny, she said that she doesn’t think that her sound is what people would typically call rapping, but in my opinion, her flow is exactly what the world needed. She’s knows what people wants to hear, what’s catchy, and what’s real. The No Small Talk video leads into another banger of hers, Gahdamn, and it goes perfectly. “Fuck a trend, I’m clean when I ain’t tryna be”. That verse is not a lie. She is effortlessly cool, for lack of a better word. Needless to say, I binge watched every video she’s ever put out, including the Gahdamn video, a hundred times in a row … still was not disappointed. I then bought her album on Apple Music … still no disappointment. I even ordered one of her shirts. Yes, I’m fangirling for real. No shame. I can only urge you to check her out!