Do the Do, Rih Rih

When it comes to beauty, fashion, and just style in general, Rihanna can do no wrong in my eyes. The Bajan princess always looks flawless from head to toes in the most unique and eccentric looks you’ll see on anyone. Rihanna’s hair is always making a statement. These past few days she’s been in Paris wearing it in a long, and elegant hairdo with a middle part, and baby hairs laid to the gods. It’s been beautiful to see her rocking the fashion world in Paris, and beyond. With Rihanna, you never know what look she’s going to be rocking next. Earlier today she surprised us again with new hair. This time it’s thick faux dreads down to her butt. She posted a picture on Instagram today that caused a little internet buzz. There’s a little speculation as to whether she’s calling out Marc Jacobs for his recent run-in with the culture police, regarding the use of dreads on his all white models. In my opinion, she was just trying something new because she can.