Creepy Creepers?

If you aren’t sure if your brand is going to make it to the next fiscal year, please hire Rihanna as your syle director. Puma, I’m talking to you! In all seriousness, Rihanna and Puma constantly disrespect and disappoint me. As hot as they’re becoming, they know I have bills to pay, and groceries to buy. Does this stop them from releasing fly ass shit, and selling out of it before I can type in my Visa information? Hell no. I’ve been trying to get some cute Creepers to rock this fall, but it’s hard! As soon as they drop, they sell out. It was my personal thought and prayer that I’d get some type of relief being that I work at a shoe store, but that’s just not the case. As a matter of fact, earlier this week, my store got in a shipment of Pumas that I, and almost every female customer believed were designed for us specifically this fall. The design so has the feel of Fenty, but they’re not Creepers. These heart-breakers are just called Basket Platform Pumas, and I want them, but I feel so conflicted. Should I wait until they do a restock on the coveted Creepers? Is it acceptable to wear these similar platform sneakers? Well … jury is in, and I’m going to give it a go! The metallic ones are ESPECIALLY undeserving of the cold shoulder due to the Bajan mogul not personally blessing them. After all, it is the same brand.