Creep Attacks Fashion Week

It’s Fashion Week in Milan and all of the hottest names in the business are in Italy right now. Gigi Hadid is one of these names. It’s supposed to be a time of fun and fashion, but weird and unfortunate incidents lurk behind every corner when you’re a top model, apparently. The 21 year old was leaving a fashion show earlier today and was ambushed by a crazed man. The supermodel was taking pictures with real fans, and was then headed back to her chauffeured vehicle with her sister when he ran behind her and attacked. He placed his hands between her legs and then lifted her off of the ground! She immediately began defending herself, and elbowed him in the face. He ran off, and for a split second she started to chase him, but then just walked to her car, demanding that security find the attacker. Apparently this man is a well known celebrity “prankster”, and does this sort of thing often. Other celebrity victims include Brad Pitt and Will Smith. Even though this man has a history of being inappropriate and invasive of personal space, some headlines depicted Gigi as the aggressive one, and this made her mad enough to tweet. She took to Twitter defending her actions saying that she is a human, and has every right to defend herself. I couldn’t agree more, Gigi, and from one young woman to another- may I suggest pepper spray? Video below.