Cranes in the Sky

Solange has recently blessed us with a beautifully personal album, A Seat at the Table. I feel like she put so much heart, and soul into this project, so I feel the need to put the same amount of respect into listening to it. Off my first few listens, Rise and Cranes in the Sky were two of my favorites so I was very excited when she released the music video for the latter. Even before I sat down to watch for myself, there were still images of the video all over my Twitter feed. What I saw was gorgeous, necessary, and provoking of tears in my eyes. Solange is so artistic, and mellow, and that is exactly how I would describe the video. Alongside the vocalist were several black women that were equally aesthetic. Each scene featured Solange and company in neutral tones with an occasional pop of color, presented in front of several surreal backdrops. The song and video make sense together. I’m so proud of Solange and her artistic vision on this project!