Charitable Kaepernick

Colin Kaepernick proves every day he’s more than just a quarterback, backup or otherwise. Having been in the spotlight for about the past month regarding his political statement of kneeling during the national anthem, he’s received death threats and has remained perfectly humble and appropriate. Like we all know, the police are continuing a culture of racism and violence that Colin, and many alike simply will not stand for anymore. Just in the month that Karpernick has been protesting, at least fifteen people, all black, have been killed at the hands of the police. These are facts and it’s a sad reality that many people are choosing to ignore. Colin Kaepernick is not one of these people. He has announced that over the course of the next ten months he will be donating $100 thousand dollars every month to charities and organizations that share his concern about the political respect, representation, and protection of black people in this country. This is a big deal. He’s showing us that to make a change, we all have to start doing what we’re able to.