Chance the Rapper, Definitely a Treat

While it may pain the hearts of many that they will never have the honor of bearing Chancelor Bennett’s first child, I think we are all in agreement that Daddy Chance the Rapper is adorable. We can’t wait for pictures of him trick or treating with his own baby girl, but for now we must settle for this quirky new Kit-Kat commercial that he stars in. I’m not sure how we got so lucky for this to happen, but I have a guess. I imagine Chance just chilling at home, eating a Kit-Kat and singing about how amazing it is (because that’s what we all do), and then realizing that he’s Chance the mother fucking Rapper and can make his jingle a thing. He then takes this idea to Kit-Kat via his agent, and bam! He’s on set in a lion’s cub costume, but also on a candy wrapper, as another fan favorite, Chance the Wrapper. Check the commercial out below, and maybe go buy a Kit-Kat. I know I’m about to!