Cam Newton is a Butt

Cam Newton is not too popular right now. His team, The Panthers are 1-3, he has proven to be really out of touch with social issues, and now he’s facing legal action because of a trashed mansion in Beverly Hills. According to  TMZ, he rented this place shortly after his disappointing Super Bowl loss, and just went completely crazy. Jared Pobre, husband of a former wrestler, apparently rented this home to the Panthers quarterback with the understanding that there would be no smoking, and no large parties in the home. This, to me, sounds like an unrealistic expectation. Why would an NFL quarterback that’s as popular as Cam Newton rent a Hollywood mansion and not throw wild parties? C’mon, son. Now while a few crazy get togethers might be expected, I really do think Cameron went overboard with these damages. If I’m staying in a home with a $32,000 rug, I’m going to show at least a little respect. Along with legal fees, Cam is looking to lose about $250,000 over these damages.