Baby Future's First Day of School

Baby Future had his first day of school today,Tuesday, as tweeted by mom Ciara. Attached to the tweet was a picture of baby Future Zahir in the cutest little outfit! I’m not sure if Ciara dressed the kid herself, or if she hired a stylist, but either way, the kid was fresh! I am a huge fan of denim and I just loved what he was wearing. The fashionable little two year old was wearing a simple fit, but it was definitely something that I am a huge fan of: denim on denim. He was wearing distressed, paint splattered denim jeans, and a jean jacket, with some fresh mid top Air Force Ones and I just know he was the most adorable kid in daycare (sorry, Ciara, but the term “daycare” is a little more accurate than school). When you love denim like I do, the fabric goes good with any season, but fall is for sure the time for it to shine!