And When He Get On ….

Rapper Kanye West perceives himself as a god, and he might be right, or at the very least .. super close. Yeezus may be prophetic. Lyrics we all remember from one of our favorite Kanye bangers, Gold Digger, go as: “…And when he got on, he leave ya ass for a white girl.” We all thought the lyric was funny, but was he talking about himself? He’s never been shy to voice his opinions and preferences, and this includes what kind of women he likes. We can take a look at his wife, and most recent ex and get a picture of what that is. In interviews he’s said that multiracial, or mixed women were the most desirable “in the hood”. “Mutts” was the term he used; Now his word is “multiracial”. He tweeted this word as a major requirement for the casting call of models for Yeezy Season 4. As expected this caused an uproar. While some believe he really was specifying non-white, the rest of us are sure he meant no dark-skinned black girls. In a society where dark skin is already made demonic, was this really a good idea Mr. West? Maybe he was right again … no one man should have all that power.