All His Children

Gucci Mane’s release from prison earlier this year definitely made a wave in the rap game. Big Guwop has been doing nothing but making it clear that he was behind the fence, being treated like a prince, and also working hard as hell. First Day Out the Feds and All My Children were two singles that got us hype for the album. All My Children sort of had the vibe of a diss track and speculations were made about the song being about Waka Flocka Flame, who Gucci is currently not cool with. “Making rock stars, out of trap boys, but if we never talk again, still got ya back,boy”. These lyrics, to me, sound like they could definitely be directed at Flocka. While Gucci hasn’t come out and said that, I’m sure he can understand where the speculation would come from. Either way, just this week he dropped an animated video as the official music video. Featuring cartoon Guwop, and some bad ass kids, the video will at least make you chuckle. Watch below.