Ivy Park

Beyonce is perfect. I said it. You don’t have to be a member of the Beyhive to recognize that. She can write, sing, dance, and she’s drop dead gorgeous with a body I would literally kill for. Her latest reminder to the world of her perfection is her sexy active wear line Ivy Park. I can definitely say that this is a major upgrade from Dereon!  She shared the preview of it earlier this week and I’m dying at how cute it all is. Last night she even performed in a silver Ivy Park ensemble and looked FLAWLESS. The line itself seems to be pretty basic, nothing too drastic, but still stylish as hell. From what I see there’s hoodies, jumpsuits, shorts, leggings, crop tops, sports bras, and some slides. Her commercial advertising the line is quite poetic. She goes into detail about the lengths she goes to stay in shape, and what motivates her. It’s really beautiful. I feel like if I put on an Ivy Park sports bra and some leggings I might be able to run a couple marathons, and perform in front of millions of people, and that’s probably the point. The line is available at TOPSHOP, but I’m too scared to check the prices. Watch the promo video below.