The End of Disease As We Know It

I am willing to bet money that you, or at least somebody you know has been afflicted with a terrible disease that we just don’t have the cure for yet.  We all know that feeling of sadness and helplessness that comes with watching someone you know and love suffer from sort of illness like cancer, or sickle cell. These are feelings that Mark Zuckerberg, and wife Priscilla Chan are dedicated to removing from the world. They at the very least have the finances to start this philanthropic effort. They have dedicated $3 billion of Zuckerberg’s personal finances to the scientific genius that it will take to eliminate all sickness in the world. Their goal is to have this completed in their 10 month old child, Max’s lifetime. The couple had already declared that they would be donating the majority of their fortune to charitable causes, and this is a fantastic start.