For Colored Lips

Being a black girl in a predominantly white beauty and fashion world is so stressful sometimes. There’s a million shades of apricots, but only two cocoas. It’s frustrating when the industry doesn’t consider your needs when they’re releasing beautiful foundations and lipsticks. Though stressful, the feeling of stepping out with your face beat to the gods is always totally worth it. This often requires a pretty lipstick to make your lips look that much more juicy, and set off your cozy fall look. Deep shades of red, brown, and purple say “Autumn Lips” to me. Speaking only from experience, I can say a chocolate lip looks great on chocolate girls. There is a lot of lipstick in the world, and a lot of brands producing them, so I like to dabble in a few.  Though pricey, a few of my favorite lip colors come from Mac. One is a dark brown by the name of Film Noir; the company describes it as an intense brown and they couldn’t be more right. While I typically wear mine to top off a night look, with a minimalist approach to the rest of your face, it can easily be worn to class or to your day job. My next go to fall color is Diva, also by Mac. It’s a really deep, matte red and it truly makes me feel like a diva. As with Film Noir, it can go from day to night depending on what you accompany it with. Being that it is my absolute favorite color, I’m not shy about a purple lip year round. During fall my lavender turns into a plum, and it’s an easy transition. I love colorful makeup, I love fall, and I love my dark skin. Playing around with different shades during different times of the year is therapeutic, and I hope I see crowds of brown girls with deeply colored lips all season!