Wednesday, May 23, 2018
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Worse Than Mean Girls…

Why is gun violence so prominent in the United States of America? Why are we so afflicted by tragedies involving mass shootings? These are questions we need to answer, and fast, before another heartbreak like the one in Texas hits us again. This week a 14 year old girl, just a freshman in high school, shot a classmate, then fatally shot herself. The condition of her victim has not been disclosed, but this is a life that didn’t need to be lost. It seems like every time there is a shooting at a school the discussion of gun violence is started, but then soon dismissed until another life is taken by way of gun. This is a cycle that cannot end until we take viable action.

Not much information has been released due to the fact that the shooter/victim was so young. We all went to high school and remember how many stressful situations it’s possible to experience in a day. I can feel for this girl because I understand how difficult it is to process your emotions, and choose the best course of action to deal with them. I’m sad she was able to get hold of a gun, and felt so desperate that she harmed another student, and took her own life.

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