Tuesday, May 22, 2018
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Somebody Take Cam Newton's Phone …

Carolina Panthers’ quarterback Cam Newton is one of my least favorite types of people. It’s hard to describe this specific type of person, just like it’s hard to understand what in the hell Newton’s been talking about lately. Between babbling interviews and hieroglyphic-esque Instagram posts, he’s really taking an interesting stance on racial issues. The #BlackLivesMatter movement has become a major topic in light of the constant and blatant lack of respect for black American’s lives by police officers. To me, saying #BlackLivesMatter is simply a reminder, and one that is definitely needed. Of course all lives matter, but all lives aren’t being taken at a disproportionate rate, black lives are. This is why it’s really weird hearing black people like Cam replacing the “black” with “all”, like we don’t see first hand just how valuable we aren’t in the eyes of the justice system. I’m not sure if he remembers, but the same people he’s trying to appease, were just calling him a thug last year. People like him need to take a seat and really think about the message that they are sending. In a recent interview, Cam is going on about how black people need to take accountability for their actions. This is obviously true, but that sentiment has no place in a conversation about the unjust killings of our people. Terence Crutcher, for example, was just shot in cold blood while trying to get roadside assistance from someone he thought could help him. Whose actions need to be evaluated in this situation, Cam? I don’t know what suggestion Mr. Newton would have for this man, but I know we all hope he doesn’t type it out in another cryptic Instagram post. If you’re up for the challenge … try to decipher his caption below ….


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